Our In House Practitioners

Holistic Healing That Fits Your Needs

Our Practitioners here at Epicenter-Indy are independent contractors

 each with their own unique brand and offerings. 

Below you will find mini bios of who their are, what they offer, days of service,

and a "Book a Session" link that takes you directly to their personal booking website.


Meg M.
Keep The Vibe Alive LLC
Founder of Epicenter-Indy

Metaphysical Healing & BodyWork

Meg works with all 4 quadrants of the human being. Physical, Energetic, Mental, and Spiritual. Through her work as a Holistic Bodywork Practitioner, she studied the relationship of the internal dialogue and manifestations of physical and spiritual pain. She blends her work to release sensations by processing stored trauma / belief systems to enhance the quality of life in her clients.

Days of Service

Wednesday - Sunday 

By Appointment Only


Intentional Massage

Metaphysical Healing

Fire Cupping

Amp Coil Administrating 

Colleen B.
Intuitive Massage and Bodywork

Intuitive Massage Therapist

With an integrated approach, Colleen lets your wellness goals and the body guide the session, sure to leave you feeling exactly as you'd desire. Massage Therapy is a very effective approach to getting to the root of your everyday aches and pains.

Days of Service 







60, 75, 90 Minute Massage

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Annie D.

Therapeutic Massage Therapist

Therapeutic massage is a type of complementary and alternative medicine practice that is often used to treat muscle pain, injury, and stiffness. Massage therapy has also been used for the treatment of mental and emotional problems, including stress, anxiety, and depression.

Days of Service





60 & 90 Minute Massage

Hot Stone Therapy Coming Soon*

Briahnna Roy-Scott
Heart and Womb Indy

Childbirth Doula & HypnoBirthing Instructor

At Heart and Womb believe that every birthing person deserves to have a "dream birth". A dream birth isn't necessarily a location, a labor length, a time of day, or even a care provider. A dream birth is the way you feel before it begins, during, and after it is over.
We will be there by your side to support you in your birth to bring your confidence, peace, and joy.

Days of Service

By Appointment Only

IMG_2B44ABBBA45F-1 2.jpeg

Tim M.

Eastern Wind Acupuncture
Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist

Through empirical data, over 400 points on the body have been mapped out, all intricately connected by a pathway of meridians, similar to rivers, streams, and creeks that occur on Earth. There are 12 main meridians that course the whole body. Each point on these meridians has a unique function to promote homeostasis and balance within the body. Just as a waterway can be obstructed or dammed, our body’s can become blocked or stagnated. The manifestation of this, symptomatically, will be pain, stiffness, or discomfort. The objective of needling these points on the meridians is to open up the pathway and unblock this stagnation, therefore relieving the symptoms.