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Metaphysical Healing - On Zoom

Transformative Healing: Integrating Higher Energies for Mind, Body, and Soul Harmony.

  • 1 h
  • 111 US dollars
  • Online - Zoom

Service Description

Definition: Body-Mind Energy Healing In an approach utilizing metaphysical healing, body-mind energy healing is a therapeutic practice intricately connected to a holistic perspective. This methodology recognizes the dynamic interplay between an individual's physical, mental, and energetic dimensions. Practitioners in this field aim to explore and harmonize the deeper layers of consciousness, addressing not only immediate physical discomfort but also the interconnected spiritual and emotional facets. The integration with metaphysical healing broadens understanding, encouraging a profound exploration of the relationships between mind, body, and subtle energies for overall well-being. Explanation of the Work: In practical terms, practitioners employing body-mind energy healing within a metaphysical framework investigate the intricacies of an individual's internal dialogue and energy flow. By identifying and addressing the root causes of physical pain, they work to process and transmute the current energetic frequency. This involves facilitating a transformation back into the quantum field, followed by an integration of a higher frequency or a shift toward a new timeline. The comprehensive nature of this approach aims to promote healing by not only relieving immediate symptoms but also by addressing the broader aspects of an individual's well-being, nurturing balance and harmony across the body, mind, and energy systems.

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1609 South East Street, Indianapolis, IN, USA

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