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Spinal Energetics - On Zoom

Addressing the nervous system blockage though layers of energetic healing.

  • 45 min
  • 111 US dollars
  • Online - Zoom

Service Description

What is Spinal Energetics; Spinal Energetics is a holistic practice merging Eastern and Western ideologies to engage with a person's spine, nervous system, and energy field, facilitating the innate wisdom for self-healing. Recognizing individuals as beings of energy comprising physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and soul aspects, practitioners aim to restore balance along the energy spectrum. Through gentle touch, movement, and sound, tension, resistance, and stored stories within the body are addressed, allowing for natural release and alignment. This approach fosters collaborative self-awareness, assisting clients in softening or strengthening patterns hindering well-being. What to Expect during a Spinal Energetics Session: Level One Response: Clients experience release from spinal holding patterns, improved spinal curves, breath, and range of motion, along with increased awareness of mind-body-spirit rhythms. Level Two Response: Clients undergo deeper correction of chronic spinal issues, increased awareness of the relationship between life stress and spinal health, and adoption of healthier habits. Level Three Response: Clients achieve self-correction between treatments, heightened body awareness, and deeper connection to daily life energy, facilitating the release of patterns not aligned with core values and life journey.

Contact Details


1609 South East Street, Indianapolis, IN, USA

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